March 2013

Concert Filming – The Riptide Movement at The Olympia, Dublin

Concert filming is something we’ve done a lot of at Scanarama and it keeps becoming more enjoyable every time. The last piece of concert filming we completed which was The Riptide Movement in the Olympia, Dublin.

We have been shooting multi-camera gigs since 2000 – well before Scanarama was founded. We’ve been at the forefront of the technological innovations which make multi-camera filming more and more accessible all of the time. Long gone are the days when you need an OB truck to do a recorded show – we still use them to do top notch live events of course!

We use the best camera and sound people in the business and through the years we’ve built up a great team who bring out the best of every live event.

One of the best things about concert filming is the editing process – you get to completely become immersed in the minute details of a show. It’s always a great sign when you still love the band’s music afterwards which was the case with The Riptide Movement.

The band wanted to be able to show people all around the world what they’re capable of and we’re glad to report that the gig offers are piling in already!