March 2018

Hiri Explainer Video

Explainer videos are crucial for startups.

Scanarama’s founder Donal Scannell has a deep understanding of the importance of first impressions in the startup world and beyond.

Companies don’t need to wait for the mass media to come to them, they can reach out into the world with their own message. If that message is compellingly crafted people will pay attention. Quality is crucial. At Scanarama we believe that you’re better off not making media content than sending out ill-conceived and badly produced content in the world.

A great explainer video is crucial at the start of a company’s voyage. Whether an enterprise is in startup mode or launching a new phase it’s really important to have crafted messages ready to go out in the world. The finer the crafting, the further the message will travel and the more people it will engage. At Scanarama we compare making media to throwing a snowball into a furnace. The tighter you compact the snow, the better you make the snowball, the further it will get before melting.

It’s been our pleasure to make an explainer video for a brand new startup called Hiri. It was a great experience, they were a pleasure to work with and we’re beyond delighted with the results.

Making media is incredibly satisfying. It’s a constant stream of problem solving. You’re helping the client solve their problems and you have your own set of problems to solve as you move a project through the production process. You start off by identifying what the client wants and more importantly why.

Corporate Video is only a small part of the mix of what Scanarama does which means our work is informed by experience from many quarters. We bring together the best producers, directors, camera people, graphic artists, make up, actors, props people, location scouts and whatever else is required to do the best job possible. We collaborate with the best people so we can make the best content.