November 2012

Fundraising Gig for Michael D Higgins

At Scanarama we are experts at every stage of fundraising. We can help you define strategic aims, identify approaches, execute strategies and make maximum impact both and on off line.

Even though we were already known to key people in the Michael D Higgins for President campaign, when they asked around for suggestions as to who would be best to arrange a fundraising musical event for them it was Scanarama’s name which kept coming up.

We planned, booked and promoted the fundraising ’A Gig For Michael D Higgins’ which took place one week before the presidential election in 2011. The gig featured The Stunning, Mundy, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Si Schroeder, David Kitt, Joe Chester and Sally Foran and took place in The Village, Dublin.

The night served as a great rallying point for Michael D’s music industry supporters and all there left with a ‘yes we can’ feeling. Considering the fact that the election resulted in a victory this was a very satisfying combination of our skills in event promotion, production, web-based campaigning and promotion.

Scanarama helps all kinds of organisations with fundraising. We have arranged all sizes of fundraising events in most of Ireland’s top venues including The Mansion House, Vicar St. and The National Concert Hall. We can help with everything from fundraising strategy to booking, production and promotion of the fundraising itself. As with everything we do, our fundraising strategies have  digital at the core. Utilising clever digital strategies makes fundraising even more effective. With every fundraising event we arrange we maximise revenue generated, media coverage and engagement.

Video has become a key driver in fundraising. Telling your story well using video drives engagement and allows you full control over how people learn about your organization’s fundraising aims. If you communicate directly with people who support your aims and give them the tools to share your story for you then the achievements can be exponential.

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