July 2011

Live Recording – David Gray


Live Recording is something that Scanarama has done a lot of and we excel at it. David Gray liked this live recording we made in Dublin in June 2011 so much that he released the full concert it in the United States. In fact he liked how Scanarama had the audio recorded so much that he has since called on our recordist Andy Knightley to record and mix other projects!

It may sound obvious but paying extra attention to the sound is a crucial part of live recording. Some people chose to skimp on this or don’t do it right. Here’s something very simple that we learnt from RTE. Your sound recordist needs to be in a separate room with no sound leakage so they focus on the transmission audio. We set-up a full pro tools audio mixing room for each live recording we do. The artist and their sound people come in after the soundcheck and listen back to some recordings to give everything the all clear. Then when it comes to playing the gig the artist can focus on what they have to do, knowing that we’ve got everything else covered.

Time and time again we’ve been praised for how our productions sound. We pay attention to the details and hire the best. It’s simple really.

This was a project undertaken on behalf of O2 who negotiated the rights to stream David Gray’s Dublin concert live. We liased with David’s management and production team, the The Convention Centre Dublin’s production team and executed the live recording of the show.

Scanarama’s founders have worked with David Gray over many projects since the release of his first record in 1993 including promoting his first two Irish tours and making a video for his single ‘Late Night Radio.’