June 2010

Live Streaming – Biffy Clyro

Live streaming of music events is one of Scanarama’s key skills and where we are international market leaders. We have combined decades of TV and music business experience to create unique live experiences which deliver results for everyone – artist, fan, label, management, promoter and sponsor. Working on RTE’s The Late Late Show in the 90s we learnt how to navigate the key technical issues in bringing great live music to TV screens. When we went independent with Scanarama we were able to use  all of those learnings as a starting point which we built on. We use only the best crew and equipment suppliers. We mix the best TV talents with the best live music talents. Our production models constantly evolve to incorporate new technologies and new practices we develop over each broadcast. We don’t rest on our laurels.

Scanarama’s dedication to innovation with live streaming is a crucial in an industry which is changing so fast. Each month brings changes which make streaming even more cost effective. We constantly stay ahead of the curve and share that knowledge with our clients and partners.

This Biffy Clyro live streaming event was produced by Scanarama for O2 in conjunction with Warner Records Ireland. Biffy Clyro were available for one hour on the way to the airport and we used that time to the maximum! The show was a rare opportunity for fans to see a Biffy Clyro acoustic set and tens of thousands of them watched live. The budget was tight but maximised it by turning the stage to face the back wall so the arena was behind them – the venue’s ambient lighting became our cost effective backdrop!

This live streaming event was a first in that it was carried entirely on O2′s own network. We were able to use the massive infrastructure which O2 have installed in their flagship venue to stream the pictures globally. This was the first of many live streams we produced for O2. So happy were the client that each event grew larger in scale and ambition. O2 were able to depend upon Scanarama to deliver their vision.

Biffy Clyro were a dream to work with and getting to see them live with such a small audience of competition winners was a rare treat.